Can you say risk reward? Driver is definitely possible here. The reward is after a well-played tee shot the possibility to hit the green in 2 and have a putt for eagle. The risk is hitting the home on the inside dogleg to the right whose owner is usually sitting out on his deck just waiting for that player to hit a wayward tee shot. The good news is we did manage to take the shotgun away from him. The spot to aim for that risky shot is between the tall pines and the house previously mentioned and be prepared to carry it about 280 yards, a draw might help as well. Not quite so gutsy? Take a fairway metal and aim just left of the tall pines on the right and with a little luck and longer second shot may still be able to reach in 2. An elevated green makes approach difficult and you typically must carry the ball all the way to the green to get it on. Once there your chances are again good to make up for some of the errant shots of the previous holes.



Now is the time to go into the bar or sit outside in the beautiful weather by the snack bar and recant the round with the other players in your group. An while your recanting or even re-counting think that you just played an executive course and the whole time you were out there it felt like regulation all the way.


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