Pinetop Lakes Golf & Country Club

Course Overview

Hole #1

The bold may choose driver but those of us who are a bit more conservative will choose a long iron or fairway metal to keep the ball in play. Aim down the left side of the fairway to have an un-obstructed shot into the green. Miss it to the right side of the fairway or […]

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Hole #2

It may look simple but the green that slopes from back to front can make off target tee shots a bit challenging. This hole is especially scenic from the championship tee in which most of the yardage is a carry over water. Don’t miss it long the OB looms close.  

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Hole #3

Ok, any time you have a par 3 that is better than 200 yards, watch out. The best thing to do here is swing easy, hit it solid and if it comes up a few yards short be grateful. Over swinging could result in a stray shot going out of bounds left or long and […]

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Hole #4

This one oddly enough is about the same club as #3 even though about 10 yards shorter (blue tee). This is where the birdie charge begins. Mid iron to a fairly flat green, with some tricky breaks with no real trouble unless you hit it to far right or left of target where as usual […]

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Hole #5

If you didn’t birdie #4 this one is a must (not a given). A short shot to another back to front sloping green. A big thing to be careful here is for those that embark a lot of spin on the ball, it’s hard to keep the ball on the green. Oh yea, if you […]

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Hole #6

I’ll take 5 on this one any day and just skip to #7. On this tight par 4 dogleg right, up the hill a driver is a definite no no. Best to hit a club that you can hit 180 to 200 yards and be thankful if you have a 180 to 150 yard second […]

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Hole #7

A short 191 yards on this down hill par 3. Judging the distance is critical on this one, too long and its certain bogey or other. Out of bounds looms on all sides but if you reach the green in one, birdie is within your grasp. Local knowledge helps in reading the break on this […]

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Hole #8

Fairly long par 3 with hazard in front and on the right and OB left and behind. Sometimes seems longer than it actually is so be careful not to over swing it will just get you into trouble. Even though there is no real water in front you can’t roll the ball to this one […]

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Hole #9

Time to let the big dog eat! The hardest part of this tee shot is that if you haven’t hit the driver yet, it’s hard to tell where it’s going to go. Have we mentioned that there is OB left and Right? With a well placed tee shot the raised green will be within reach. […]

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Hole #10

Well you’ve re-fueled at the snack bar and you have the momentum from the birdie just made at the 9th, which almost makes up for the double bogey on hole #6, time to start the back nine. Some players will choose driver here and try to get the ball as close the green as possible, […]

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Hole #11

Arguably our signature hole, this beautiful par 3 is framed with trees and homes to the right and a tightly fit lake to the left. The tee shot is demanding not only due to the length but also for accuracy. Left puts you into the water, right puts you OB and long is not much […]

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Hole #12

If you made bogey on 11 you may be able to recover with a birdie here. A fairly straightforward tee shot to a small green that is sloped back to front. The main danger here is on the green where due to slope and green speed that first putt can get away from you; try […]

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Hole #13

A temptation to use a driver but be careful, OB is looms on all sides. This dogleg right par 4 is a great test of will power to put your ego in check and just play safe. The best tee shot is a well-placed long iron or fairway metal to the left center fairway. Sometimes […]

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Hole #14

The shortest par 3 on the course. Once again, if you didn’t score as well as you hoped on 13 here’s a chance to get one back. Just keep in mind that you still have OB bordering all sides so anything off target or thin could result in trouble. Hardest part about this hole is […]

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Hole #15

Due to the fact that it’s an uphill tee shot this one plays longer than on the card. Best thing is to take another club and swing smooth because the tendency here is to over-swing, and we know what that means. The green isn’t very big so if you’re on you’ll have a good chance […]

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Hole #16

This hole is a nice par 3 that has birdie potential. A straightaway tee shot to a modest size green (for Pinetop Lakes) with not much trouble around the green. Putting can be tricky depending on length and pin position.    

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Hole #17

A slight dogleg left and slightly down hill this hole will once again tempt you to hit driver. The smart play, however, will be to choose a club you hit with great accuracy. A 200 to 220 yard tee shot is all you will need to set yourself up with a good approach shot. If […]

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Hole #18

Can you say risk reward? Driver is definitely possible here. The reward is after a well-played tee shot the possibility to hit the green in 2 and have a putt for eagle. The risk is hitting the home on the inside dogleg to the right whose owner is usually sitting out on his deck just […]

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